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Harmony beneath the exterior.

Thoughts on Happiness

When contemplating happiness, and what makes me happy, I became aware of a surprising concept. The factors that are and are not correlated with happiness may not be what we think they are.  Even though I might have always had a vague sense that the things such as

  • money
  • age
  • social status
  • life-style
  • power
  • intelligence
  • physical attractiveness

never seem to sustain happiness, I still always seem to associate these with things that we’re supposed to be striving for.  At the same time, I resent these perceived values and place them behind the more important and true qualities such as

  • love
  • faith
  • generosity
  • intimacy
  • relationships
  • meaning

When my values get our of order  they can cause me to be out of sync with true joy.

Harmony beneath the exterior.

Harmony beneath the exterior.

This revelation came as a relief since I can only manage to acquire some of the factors some of the time that superficially may be able to provide temporary happiness.  For example, money comes and goes and is an unreliable external factor that is often beyond my control, which is very often a source of stress.   Age is another factor that is always temporary and therefore unstable.  Physical attractiveness may or may not extend beyond the surface.  Intelligence actually seems to work counter to happiness, and more often than not, ignorance truly is more blissful.