Values and philosophy

Love is at the core of all life.


Love is the highest level of all energy and the deepest source of inspiration and creativity.  Once you tap into your true self where love resides, you will find it everywhere.  It is an energy that seeks and magnetically attracts like energy.  Love is expressed and understood through relationships and nature.

Theoretical Philosophy:

My belief system for facilitating healthy bio-psycho-social development and healing is based on a concept of balance in human nature drawn from a combination of counseling theories, philosophies, personal beliefs and life experiences. The ultimate goal is health and healing that occurs through balance.  Balance is imperative for human fulfillment and holistic health. All theories independently contain pieces of the puzzle. When combined, they balance the focus on internal and external forces. The existential theories, ancient philosophical beliefs, combined with techniques and practices from cognitive, behavioral and reality theories form the complex analysis of counseling from multiple perspectives.