Healing Through Harmony Healing Power of Music

Studies show how music can heal.  Rhythm taps into the mind's deeper creative resources.  Accessing this well of inner strength can reduce stress, improve immune function, increase energy, and even help people live longer.   Artistic expression can provide both physical and psychological benefits. Learn about the impact of harmony, music and its powerful healing qualities.

How to Sense Wonder Inspiration

According to research, narcissism is on the rise amongst our youth. Narcissistic Personality Disorder has traits of extreme self-absorption and tendencies to objectify others, thus the combination for an inability to create meaningful relationships.
New studies reveal that awe can be a potentially positive life changing emotion that might help develop empathy.

Neurological Effects Gratitude

Health, moods and relationships are profoundly affected by the expression of gratitude.  Scientific studies  prove that positive feelings benefit the bio/psycho/social aspects of human life.  Not only do negative attitudes work against health, gratitude literally makes you happier and healthier.  

The Power of the Present Moment Balancing the Brain & EMDR

The left-hemisphere of the brain controls the abilities to organize, define, categorize and analyze information.  The right-hemisphere houses intuition and creativity. When the left mind is busy describing, judging,   skills, its dominating inhibition and missing the wonder of the moment. The uninhibited right mind has the ability to achieve serenity in an exceptional way.  Consciously focusing on the present moment and savoring the awareness of receiving information can redirect the circuitry of the brain to become less stressed, resulting in an increased sense of peace.