The Healing Powers of Art


The process of art grounds me in the moment. This is where I connect with soul and find peace.

The end result doesn't have to be beautiful, and in fact, rarely ends up being a 'work of art'. The process of letting go and watching the transformation as an observer (with a paint brush) is what counts. The revealing image and colors that appear through this process mimics my journey through life. Sometimes it's pretty, sometimes it's not so pretty, but being a present, watchful and mindful observer participating in the unfolding of the magic allows my soul to breath.

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Art Therapy.

Art therapy is an effective form of treating trauma because it reaches the part of the brain that traditional cognitive therapy cannot reach.  It is based on the creative process, which is a non-verbal form of communicating thoughts and feelings, accessing the implicit memories that cannot be accessed through talk therapy.  Many traumatic memories are stored deep in the brain, located in the amygdala with only an emotional marker.  Often a traumatic experience will trigger the fight/flight/freeze reaction, and bypass the language center, which means that the memory never received a verbal identity and was never logically processed.  Theses emotional markers that reside in implicit memories drive behavior without access to the control center.  This is why so many victims think, feel, react and behave in ways that seem illogical and destructive. The experience of being involved in creating meaningful expressions through non-verbal approaches helps facilitate the re-organization and reconstruction of lodged and unmarked emotions. 

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